Marvelous Massage

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Who We Are

Mission Statement

Marvelous Massage Inc. aims to bring awareness of the Interconnectedness of the Body, Mind, & Spirit through education, nutrition, physical activity, meditation, and integrative medicine.  We call this “Body Balancing” - bringing the Mind, Body & Spirit back into Balance.

Tammy was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana; daughter of a librarian and a police officer. She grew up riding horses, bowling on Saturday mornings, and going to Girl Scouts. Her love of travel started very young with yearly cross country road trip with the family and adventures around the state through Girl Scouts and Bowling.  At the age of 17 she enlisted in the U.S. Navy and graduated early from high school, leaving for bootcamp before the rest of her classmates had even graduated. The Navy took her to Florida, California and Alaska.  While in the Navy, Tammy met and married a fellow sailor. They had 5 kids together over the course of the years, finally settling down and making their home in Anchorage, Alaska.

Throughout the years, Tammy took care of the home and home schooled

the kids while pursuing several of creative outlets including crocheting and photography. She also has done extensive volunteer work with numerous organizations including; local animal shelters, support groups and most notably, as the Chapter Leader for the Alaska Birth Network from 2008 - 2016.  While acting as Chapter Leader for the Alaska Birth Network (part of Birth Network National) she helped organize monthly support meetings and educational seminars, special events and movie screenings and 3 days conferences for the public and professionals.  

Tammy spent over 10 years working with nearly 150 pregnant women and their families as a Labor and Postpartum Doula and as an apprentice Midwife. She apprenticed at Heritage Birth Center in Anchorage, Alaska for 2 years before her last child was born in 2013.  While on a sabbatical from her apprenticeship, she discovered a new passion, Massage Therapy, and with the support and love of her new partner, Travis, the idea of Marvelous Massage was born and together they embarked on this transforming  journey.  

Inspired during a vacation to Sedona, Arizona, Tammy and Travis brainstormed the beginnings of the Marvelous Massage Resort & Spa. They envision a destination spa resort where people can come from all over the world to relax and rejuvenate as well as to regain their health in not only their body, but in their mind and spirit too.  Marvelous Massage Inc. will have multiple alluring destinations across the globe, starting locally with their first resort opening in

Alaska by 2025.

    Tammy’s own journey to health has been a long and hard road that should have started years before when her middle son was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism but the catalist didn’t come until years later with her own diagnosis of the same autoimmune disorder. She spent years researching and speaking with multiple doctors in a variety of specialties, ultimately coming to the conclusion that most methods of western medicine don’t treat the whole body and were inadequate by themselves. Since then, she has gravitated to a combination of both western and alternative medicine. And it is this unique approach to health that sets the Marvelous Massage’s “Model Of Care” apart from most others.  

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