Marvelous Massage

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Daddy and Me ~ Infant Massage Classes

Every 2nd Sunday 

2pm - 3:30pm

At Marvelous Massage Studio

Ages Birth to Crawling / Daddy

Cost $20 / $10 for Members

The classes are warm and relaxing, allowing individual baby’s needs to be considered and parents to spend time learning from each others’ knowledge and experiences. There are no “performance standards”.  Parents are encouraged to respond to the individual needs of their babies.

Research suggests that infant massage can have various health benefits. For example, infant massage might:

  • Encourage interaction between you and your baby
  • Help your baby relax and sleep
  • Promote better sleep
  • Relieve colic
  • Enhance immune system, motor skills and intellectual development.
  • Positively affect infant hormones that control stress
  • Reduce crying


NICU BabiesWhen infant massage therapy is properly applied to preterm infants, they respond with increased weight gains, improved developmental scores, and earlier discharge from the hospital. Parents of the preterm infant also benefit because infant massage enhances bonding with their child and increases confidence in their parenting skills.